• Going out for pintxos in San Sebastián

    San Sebastian is world-renowned as a perfect gastronomic destination. This reputation has been built very slowly and thanks to the hard work of its different proponents. Locals and visitors have the chance to enjoy a wide and diverse selection that can satisfy all kinds of foodies. One of the most rewarding experiences is to go out…

  • Member of Gaztelubide, a real honour

    Believe it or not, the four years have passed quickly since the day I was made a member of Gaztelubide. On 14th of December 2018, as every year, after a good dinner, we proceeded to the prize-giving ceremony of the mus  championship (a card game) and the presentation of badges to the new members. As I said to Joserra…

  • Guild members & co-producers

    The many entities (gastronomic societies*, produce guilds**, among others) that have been working in Basque Gastronomy for years have promoted objectives similar to those of Slow Food, an association created in 1989. The growth and influence that the Slow Food philosophy has achieved in just a few years is surprising. What has facilitated this success?…

  • I eat everything that flies, except planes

    With a finger in many pies, one of the best known faces in gastronomy is Juan Manuel Garmendia. He is the President of FECOGA (Federation of Gastronomic Guilds), an association that transcends borders, although he is also a member of other important culinary associations such as the prestigious Basque Academy of Gastronomy or more ethereal…

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