Spilling the Beans


How much does participation cost?

Participating in Spilling the Beans is entirely free.

Do I need to know how to make a podcast in order to participate?

No. Spilling the Beans is a creative challenge. Producing a simple podcast is relatively easy to do. All you need are a recording device, an editing software and an idea. We encourage everyone to give it a try. Resources will be shared on the site with advice and links to tools that can help you produce your first podcast.

Do I need a team to participate?

No. Individuals are welcome to produce their own piece, but forming a team is encouraged. Participants that choose to attend the launch at Hacker You can form teams with other participants, and friends are welcome to sign up together.

Are there any time restrictions on the podcasts we produce during Spilling the Beans?

Your podcasts need to be a maximum of 6 minutes in length, including intro and credits. Part of the challenge will be to make your short podcast engaging and dynamic.

What do you mean by "ingredients?"

The ingredients are elements that you'll use as inspiration and need to include in your short podcast. They can be a theme, an action, an object or a feeling or emotion for example.

What kind of podcast can I make during Spilling the Beans?

As long as your podcast includes some reference to the 3 "ingredients" we are sharing with participants at the launch on March 3rd, you are free to explore and experiment with different podcast formats. Your podcast can be fiction or non-fiction, an interview, a review, a group discussion, a short documentary, a comedy, a drama, etc. It's entirely your call.

Where is Spilling the Beans taking place?

Spilling the Beans is a Toronto based initiative. However, participants do not have to be present at any point in order to participate. REMOTE PARTICIPATION is totally cool! At 8pm, on Friday, March 3rd, we will announce the 3 "ingredients" in person at Hacker You for those who attend. We will also post the ingredients on the website, Facebook and Twitter for those of you who can't make it to the launch. On Sunday, March 5th, you will be given instructions to upload your finished piece to a shared location. Judges and interested participants will once again regroup at Hacker You to listen to the podcasts and identify the winning podcast. Winners who are not present will be contacted by email.

Do you plan on having other Spilling the Beans podcast-making challenges?

Spilling the Beans intends to become a community and a reoccurring event series that will seek to inspire creative types to produce short and longer form audio pieces, or podcasts. Whether it's as a part of podcast-making races, podcast-making workshops or other initiatives, the objective of Spilling the Beans is for people with an interest in storytelling to come together, network, learn from each other and have fun. If you can participate in this race, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and join our Meetup group to remain informed about upcoming happenings.

Who did all the art for the site?

Great question! Lisa Vanin, an artist based in Toronto is the creator of the visuals for Spilling the Beans. Her work is truly beautiful and this site in no way does it justice. Visit her website!